Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scooter - Study for portrait of Jed

10" x 8" Oil on Canvas

This is painted from a photo taken by me about three years ago. I love the way the light is tickling his face! I'm not a great photographer, so am pleased I captured his impish smile in this one! Jed's quite a character. Not sure what size the portrait will be. Will not crop so closely...will include his arms. Will change the division of the grass and driveway. I am keeping color notes but am not yet satisfied with the warms or cools in the skin, more mixing but am eager to satisfactorily finish this little study so I can go to work on the portrait!


  1. Rosemary, you have done the impossible...catch the expression of a boy who has got to get going NOW! He is so adorable. Love the composition with his shirt off one shoulder, the straight forward glance from those eyes shining with anticipation of where he's taking off to, the sunlight in his hair. It's just spectacular!

  2. OMG Gwen! Thank you! I really appreciate your comments! So nice of you to take the time...and it means a lot coming from you! You do children so well!

  3. I was led to your blog through DSFDF. I agree with Gwen in everything she said. I love it just the way it is and the cropping is perfect. You really have a gift in capturing the spirit of a child.