Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mountain Art and Artists

110 Broadway
Black Mountain, North Carolina

Bight sunshine, a brisk breeze and glorious autumn color surrounded us as
Silvia Williams, her sister Gache, and I loaded paintings to take the 40 minute drive past Asheville to Black Mountain for a special day of art. The guest speaker for the October SVFAL meeting was Karen Chambers, award winning pastel artist and instructor who often serves as a jurior/judge for shows. Karen gave us a critique of member paintings with emphasis on what a judge looks for in our art as well as it's presentation offering her personal insight, tips and suggestions. The Applachian Pastel Society's 2009 Member's Juried Exhibition was our next stop! What a feast for the eyes! Then we were off to Black Mountain Bistro for a totally delightful group luncheon where I was introduced to a "Carolina BLT".. red tomato slices replaced by yummy fried green tomatos! Try this with a side of sweet potato fries! Sil, Gache and I topped off our day with a visit to the Sourwood Gallery where a number of our fellow SVFAL members showcase and sell their work. It has been lovely this season getting better acquainted with so many of these friendly and talented artists. Thank you Martha Raines, Denise Geiger, Ann Whisenant, Jack Williams, LaVerne Hueston and Marguerite Welty for inviting us to your beautiful gallery! I will be returning to Florida in a few weeks and will miss you as I look forward to more Black Mountain art in the spring!


  1. What a gorgeous gallery! Just looks perfect!

  2. It is a nice gallery and the artists are talented and hard working. Glad you enjoyed looking around! Thanks AutumnLeaves!

  3. We had a great time in Black Mtn. The artist co-op is nice. It is well housed, in a light space. Many fun items for sale as well as paintings.Way to to SVFAL artists.Silvia

  4. We did have quite a day didn't we, Sil?! I'm already looking forward to Black Mountain adventures in art next season! Best wishes to all Sourwood Gallery artists!