Wednesday, January 4, 2017


                         7" X 5" Oil on Varnished  Foam Core
Day 4 - 30 in 30 Challenge

Didn't make it to the beach today - but maybe this path will lead there?

Once in an art magazine, maybe THE ARTIST'S MAGAZINE, I read about painting with oil on varnished foam core. If I clipped the article, it's hiding somewhere. Anyway, some left over scraps cut into small sizes have been varnished and waiting for a day to try them since I enjoy painting on smooth surfaces. Today was the day! Can't say I "love" it but definitely like it. Probably larger pieces would warp. I may try up to 12" x 12" when the mood again strikes.

This piece continued basically the same palette but with a paler blue sky. The base for the peachy sky and sand colors is Gamblin's Caucasian Flesh Tone. Grabbed two new greens I hadn't tried before - Gamblin Cadmium Chartreuse and Gamblin Olive Green.

So far, loving this challenge - trying new surfaces, new hues and new brushes!


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