Saturday, May 16, 2009

Did I OD on HGTV?

"The Bird" 30" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas

Usually when I'm painting in the studio, Richard Schmid, Roger Bansemer, Helen Van Wyk or other much accomplished artist talks to me via DVD or laptop and hopefully their remarkable words of wisdom are finding their way into my long term memory and eventually to the tips of my brushes! However, sometimes the HGTV channel is my painting buddy. Its fun to watch the decorators make "art" in a matter of minutes! Actually they do create some nice pieces for temporary use until homeowners can shop for the fine art that will someday decorate their walls. Thus my inspiration for "The Bird".

On a bicycle ride around the neighborhood a bird graphic as a logo for a gated community caught my eye and an idea was born. Came home, grabbed an old pre-used canvas and went to work ! In no time at all I would have a wall decoration incorporating room accent colors! Thinking gold leaf would be a nice touch, a metallic gold pen from Michaels was a faster option. A quick trip to Home Depot for lattice strips for a frame, some black spray paint...a little help from my husband, and that troublesome wall is no longer bare! The HGTV staff would be proud! Actually this summer we may commission a wall sculpture for that space but for now..."The Bird"


  1. Wow! How creative and industrious! HGTV (and Schmid and Helen V-W) are definitely paying off. Nice work!

  2. Thanks, Liz! I appreaciate your stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! Hope things are going well with your beautiful mom and that you are getting some time to paint!