Saturday, February 15, 2020


                                                                     24" X 12" Oil
                                                             Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Wild baby animals are such a joy to paint.  Their antics can be so cute whether playing or being taught survival instincts by a protective mother.  In our Western North Carolina mountains (as well as here in south Florida) bears can be a nuisance and a danger. As a youngster, I was once chased by a mama bear after getting a bit too close to her twins on a camping trip. Fortunately, my mama was close by! Not a close call but I do remember it vividly!

This little fellow has gone a bit too far up the tree and is looking for Mama Bear to rescue him.
BEAR-ILY HANGING ON is available at Crafted in Carolina Gallery, 3073 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, North Carolina 28721, Phone 828-944-0004

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


                                                          Adoration of the Shepherds
                                            Copy:  Bartolome' Esteban Murillo - 1617-1682
                                                            11" x 14" Oil on Canvas 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you dear friends.  Each time we have touched base whether online, in person, by email or just in thought - I am grateful.  You add joy and meaning to my life and artful endeavors.  Your encouragement means so much more than you know.

So from our home and my studio to yours, wishes for a wonderfully creative 2020! May you, your families, your pets and your friends enjoy good health and blessings with lots of laughter filled days.

This old master scene appealed to me since it included a woman among the shepherds.  Some liberties were taken.  Changes were made in the background and the chickens left out of the foreground.  So many small faces were quite challenging but I'm pleased with the painting.

Monday, November 4, 2019


                                                    6" x 6" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

After seeing a photo of this little fellow, the cute face stayed with me - waiting for inspiration.  He
really needed just the right setting to bring about a painting.  Here in Maggie Valley we often walk past old (maybe wild) apple trees on our daily walks.  With interesting branches and ripened unharvested fruit, wouldn't a little bear (or raccoon) have a feast discovering this playground of goodies!  With a few photos of the hanging apples and a number of sketches, the bear was in the tree and paint was on the palette.

This baby bear found a forever home immediately after arriving at Crafted in Carolina Gallery!
Thank you Beth Latta Craft!

Monday, September 30, 2019


                                                              12" x 12" Oil on Canvas

Another in the on-going oil and acrylic series as I paint our beautiful elk roaming the valley.   We are told the best times of day to see and photograph these majestic creatures  in the Cataloochee area are early morning and late afternoon.   They are also active and moving on cloudy days and just before a storm.   We have been so fortunate to get good photos here in Maggie Valley as well.
Cataloochee King actually posed!  He knew he was gorgeous!  This painting is available at
Crafted In Carolina Gallery here in Maggie Valley.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


                                                               24" x 18" Oil on Canvas

Noon-Napping is my  entry in Dick Blick's September  Pet Portrait Competition.  The top prize is $500 in art supplies.  The painting is of Joshua, one of our  German Shepherds and the one that most enjoyed being outside in the sunshine.  Joshua has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge but working on this painting brought him back to me for a little while. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019


                                                   11" X 14" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Late one afternoon last summer, we arrived home from an outing to find this very handsome fellow taking a nap in the neighbor’s yard under the rhodies.  Out came the phones and the cameras for a photo-fest!  Of course the lighting left much to be desired as did the less than colorful surroundings - but...what if?  With a little color and imagination BULLDOZER  soon graced this canvas.  What a fun painting! 

These marvelous creatures sometimes wander our country roads and enjoy our lawns.   In places like Cataloochee, a short scenic drive from Maggie Valley,  herds roaming  the meadows attract lots 
of attention . It's nice to pack a picnic basket and spend a pleasant afternoon among these
wonderful animals.

September 13 and 14 we will enjoy the first annual Elk Festival right here in Maggie Valley!                                                   
BULLDOZER is one of my paintings available at Crafted in Carolina Gallery, 3073 Soco Road, Maggie Valley http://crafted in

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


                                                16" x 20" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Handsome talented Jace just graduated from high school and will be headed to college
in the fall.  What fun to capture him wearing his favorite duds, and with a fishing line in the water! 

Jace enjoys the outdoors and fishing is a passion.  It was an honor painting this commemorative portrait to celebrate the closing of a memorable chapter in his life and the beginning of an exciting new one!

Jace is our grand nephew and we are so very proud of him and his accomplishments! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


This 16" x 20" oil painting was fun from photo shoot to final strokes!  Wiggling bundles of joy are not easy to photograph.  A lot of time was spent studying their faces for head tilts and expressions.  They are just too precious.  The inside shots weren’t going well, but once we got outside and Maggie saw a squirrel dash through the yard, the stage was set!

The breed is Havanese - nicknamed "Havana Silk Dog" because their gorgeous long silky coats are so beautiful.  The National Dog of Cuba, they are small, friendly, outgoing, extremely smart and easily trained.

Desi (short for Destiny) is positioned to show her personality - always aware of her surroundings and looking out for her younger pal.  Maggie never misses anything, is always alert and ready for new adventures.  They complement each other beautifully making their humans proud!

I so appreciate the opportunity of painting these two darling little girls!

Thursday, March 28, 2019


                                                              Oil on Panel - 20" x 16"

This painting and two more were juried into the 2019 All Florida Cowboy Art Championship Show.
The show may be seen at the Martin Art Gallery, 207 E. Magnolia Street, Arcadia, Florida,  Reception Wednesday, March 6.  The show runs through March 28.


                                                           Oil on Canvas, 15" x 30"

Today was the last day to see the Primavera Art Show at the Visual Art Center in Punta Gorda,
Florida!  I am so far behind posting - but am trying to catch up!  Has been a wonderful season of shows, demos, workshops and festivals almost every weekend.  Gotta love Southwest Florida if you are an artist or an art lover!

THE PREACHER'S DAUGHTER won the coveted Bowles Award for Portrait Excellence at the reception held March 14 at the VAC! Oh My Goodness! Painting portraits feeds my soul and you can not imagine how happy this award has made me!  This little girl won my heart waiting for a sermon to end so she could escape to the out-of-doors. Attempting to capture her anticipation was indeed a challenge. You may have seen her as the model for our 2017 Christmas Card.

Sunday, February 10, 2019


                                                            20" x 30" Oil on Canvas

The magnificent flamingo is a favorite bird known for its stilt-like legs and brilliant color.  Here in Florida it's practically an icon.  This is strange as it was declared native to Florida only a few years ago.  Up until then when seen in the wild, flamingos were thought to be escapees from attractions.  Now they are sighted even in our area of Charlotte Harbor.  They wade and feed in shallow water using their upper beaks like shovels to scrape shrimp, crabs, snails, algae, etc. from the bottom.  Yes, they twist their heads upside down to do this!  The lower beaks serve as strainers and the tongues "pump" the sand and debris out of their mouths.  Their nests look like mini-volcanos built of mud and are where the females lay one egg in a shallow hole at the tops of the mounds.  These big birds are able to "run" on water, thanks to their webbed feet, to gain speed before lifting into the air where their wingspan is about five feet.

I'm especially fond of this pretty bird since our son and daughter in law, both avid sailors, were married by the captain onboard a beautiful 42' blue-hulled Ketch named FLAMING JOE.  The boat's emblem? - you guessed it - a flamingo!   A perfect setting for a most romantic wedding and mini-reception! The flamingo appeared again in decorations at a larger reception held later.

This painting was completed barely in time for entry into the juried WILD ABOUT WILDLIFE show presented by The Cape Coral Art League and judged by Sandra Mark.  What a thrill it was when FLAMING JOE took the first place ribbon at Thursday evening's reception and GAME ON won People's Choice (2nd time)!  A grand night of celebration for me!  The show is wild and colorful and may be seen until March 4 at the Cape Coral Art League, 516 Cultural Park Boulevard, Cape Coral 33990, Phone: (239) 772-5657.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Thank You!

                               Desoto Arts and Humanities Council's Annual Member's  Show

Thanks to each and every one of you who voted GAME ON "People's Choice" in this exhibit!  What an honor for this piece to have been chosen among so many amazing creations by a group of really talented artists!  I am humbled and feeling blessed!  Doing my Happy Dance! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Game On

                                               14" x 22" Watermedia on Illustration Board

Coming upon this noisy confrontation between a Royal Tern and a Forster's Tern who could resist a few photos!  I snapped away!

Back in the studio looking at the pictures, I wondered what was making these birds so angry with each other?  I asked my favorite question "what if?" - maybe a tiny mermaid perched on a shell pleading for her life, or a conch peeking out his shell, my imagination was running wild when a glance caught a jar of marbles on the shelf.  Light bulb exploded!  Someone had left marbles on the beach and each bird was staking a claim!  The marbles would provide color and keep the viewer's eye bouncing back and forth between the birds!

While my medium of choice is usually oil, for this one the watercolors and gouache came out.  That went well for a little while, but watercolor lifting drives me crazy.  Fluid acrylic to the rescue.  The painting is now framed and will be shown in the Desoto Arts and Humanities Council's Annual Show opening January 10 at Martin Art Gallery, 207 E. Magnolia Street, Arcadia, Florida with a reception from 5:30 until 7:00.  The public is invited and welcome!  Hope to see you there! 

Monday, December 24, 2018


                                                            12" X 8-1/2" Oil on Board

From our home and my studio to yours MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderfully creative 2019!
Wishing you, your families, your pets and your friends good health, blessings, and joy with lots of laughter filled days!

Thanks to all who stop by and especially to you who take time to leave a comment or two!

This painting was created a few years ago inspired by a darling little girl who is now a freshman at Western Carolina University.  How the time flies!  I've always been fond of this small painting so it's making a second appearance.  The doll's name is Bitsy Baby and no doubt she is safely tucked away somewhere.  Merry Christmas, Jordan, to you and to your family!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Drum Roll - Exciting News!  I am so happy to tell you about my new gallery representation!
My paintings are now available at the lovely and unique CRAFTED IN CAROLINA Gallery at 3073 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC.  If you are local to the area or just passing through, please stop in and say hello to owner and jewelry artist extraordinaire,  Beth Craft. Don’t miss her swarovski bead-studded animal skulls! The glowing fire in the fireplace, sunlight streaming through the beautiful stained glass pieces, and friendly atmosphere will keep you lingering.  

Next summer I shall be holding classes and maybe a workshop there - please stay tuned!