Monday, April 23, 2018


12" x 16" Oil on Stretched Canvas

My new free standing studio is almost ready to show you but want to put the finishing touches on the outside before photographing. Maybe next week! MONDAY MORNING MAGNOLIAS is the first painting completed in this special new space!

Do artists ever tire of painting the magnolia tree's bounty? I realize this represents a rather trite still life subject, nevertheless, the enchanting beauty and fragrance is most seductive and I am weak. Thank you French Botanist Pierre Magnol for lending your name to this magnificent tree!

Fun, fun, fun trying the new Richeson colors and brushes mentioned in the last post! Love the new paint. Only turquoise wasn't used for this piece. Will mention the brushes in a later post.

On the subject of tube colors, another exciting new color, at least "new" to me is Williamsburg's Cinnabar Green Light. Perfect for landscapes and portrait mixes. Years ago Grumbacher made a Thalo Yellow Green that was similar to this color. I was brokenhearted when it was discontinued. Today's Grumbacher Thalo Yellow Green is nothing like the original color. Williamsburg's Cinnabar Green Light comes close! It was used very sparingly in the magnolia leaves as they tend to be more blue green than yellow green but wanted to share the find.

Would enjoy hearing about your favorite oil colors.