Friday, June 14, 2013

Ode to A Robin's Nest

                          12" x 6" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

One rainy morning last month a robin caught my eye outside the studio window.    She was flying to and from the entry deck out front.  I thought she was carrying earth worms to feed  hungry little  mouths but upon a closer look, she was building a nest under one of the  fern baskets hanging over the deck rail!   Oh No - not a good or safe place!  I did not have the heart to destroy  her morning's efforts and neither did my husband.  He did, however, remove the fern basket from it's hanger to show her how exposed this location really was.  As soon as the rain fell on the nest, sadly she left it.  When the rain had stopped and the "start" of the nest dried, I brought it in to  the studio.  She hadn't made too much headway as there was no bottom, mud had not yet been introduced, and weaving was needed.

Since I don't write poetry, this is my "Ode to a Robin Nest" in oil on canvas! We hope she built elsewhere and now has a sweet little family!