Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mama- Beach Wrapped

14" x 11"
Oil on Canvas

The spring day was bright but not too hot so, not planning to stay long at the beach , no umbrella was packed. We were having a fabulous time when we discovered Mama was becoming quite pink! No way was she ready to leave so my sister and I playfully wrapped her in a big beach towel and snapped a few photos.

I wonder what Mama would think of this little portrait? Surely she would laugh out loud! Always supportive of my every artistic endeavor, old paintings from high school still hung on her walls until she went to live with my sister in her 82nd year. I even tried to “buy” the old paintings (to burn them) and provided her new ones all along the way ! No way would she give them up - just hung the new ones and left the tired poor attempts in place or moved them to other walls!

This painting contains bittersweet tears mixed in with the paint. Our mother was an angel on earth. How I miss her ready smile and quick wit. Oh - for one more day at the beach with Mama….