Monday, December 27, 2010

Jade's Anniversary

Two years ago today we brought a nervous five year old female shepherd home with us from the local animal shelter. We were told her “family” had lost jobs and their home and could no longer keep Jade. After seeing her photo on the website, we just had to go meet her! It was love at first sight!

She kept her name and we began getting acquainted. Terribly insecure and not wanting us out of her sight, we feared she might be a “Velcro dog”. Slowly she gained confidence and started molding us to her satisfaction! German Shepherds always own their people and in no time at all she seemed satisfied we had potential and she could make us a family!

Jade has so enriched our lives - she keeps us walking every day, reminded me how much fun obedience classes can be and we adore her. She is a jewel - we could not ask for a better pet! Happy Anniversary Jade!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Oh Holy Night
Oil on Canvas

Christmas Blessings and Happy Holidays to my wonderful blogging
friends. Thanks to all who visit and leave encouraging comments!
You are appreciated more than you know and I am forever grateful
for your support!

May your new year bring you peace, happiness and good health with
many creative opportunities!

For this year’s Christmas card, the portrait of Starlin and Skylar (see August 29 post) provided inspiration and models! My thanks to them and to Sue and Joyce.