Wednesday, January 14, 2015


                                 14" X 11" Oil on Canvas

The 1980 movie SOMEWHERE IN TIME starring  Jane Seymour  and the late Christopher Reeve is a favorite of our daughter in law, Debbie.  She and son, Edward, traveled to Michigan to stay in the honeymoon suite at the Grand Hotel  last year.  They enjoyed exploring Mackinac island, and staying and dining  at the Grand was a dream come true for Debbie. 

Sooner or later I suppose most of us want to paint a face in a mirror as so many artists have in the past.  An on line photo was just the inspiration needed to pose Debbie in front of her dresser and paint her "Somewhere in Time" - note the pocket watch on the dresser if you are familiar with the story line. 

We included this painting framed with her Christmas gifts and she was delighted!  Debra is a  beautiful model and I'm eager to paint her again.