Friday, March 23, 2018


There is a new painting ready to be photographed and posted but before showing you that one let me  tell you about the "Surprise Package" I received this week.

In the Art of the River post I mentioned the Jack Richeson Art Supply gift certificate award for  $150  for paint or pastels!    Turning me loose in  the oil paint isle of any store is dangerous to the wallet - but RICHESON - Wow!   This required very careful perusing  the on line  catalog of 70 colors - decisions, decisions!!   I knew I wanted to try the Ice Blue as that had been recommended,  I have a passion for Indian Yellows, enjoy using Golden Ochre for portraits and landscapes...well, could do pages  discussing how I finally chose eight colors and submitted my order.  An email from the company acknowledged receipt and mentioned, "Sometimes we are able to include a little something extra with your shipment".  The email also provided information about the company,  supplies, their school and gallery,  international art competitions they sponsor and more!  Who knew?

The package arrived - a large box - for 8 tube of paint?  Well, that must have been some careful packaging.  Then, I opened the box!  Oh my Goodness !!   Did they ever "include something extra"!!  Just had to share!    Note there are six Grey Matters brushes - I'm as excited about trying those as trying the new oil colors!!   You counted nine paint tubes?  Yes - they included their new Transparent Marble White!  Thank you Jack Richeson Art!  I'm a happy painter and will enjoy using all the gifts!