Wednesday, June 20, 2018


A spare bedroom studio - that’s where I’ve painted for many years and it was time to make changes.  I had no desire for “off location” - so renting space was out.  We needed a room addition to the house or a SHED!  What?!    A successful artist in the area enjoys a “shed studio” called The Art Shak!  She encouraged and inspired me. 

Long story short - at the end of November Frank and I visited Robin’s Sheds for particulars...Yes, this might work.  When I spelled out to the salesman just what was wanted and expected, he rolled his eyes and said, “You want the Taj Mahal” of storage sheds - and I suppose I did.  So - months  passed, the  16’ x 13’ shed was finally delivered the end of February and interior work was contracted.   After the walls and ceiling were in, Frank and I painted and installed the floor covering.  Finally, it was mid-April and time to move in!

Wishing to wait until it was "just right" before sharing photos with you,  it appears my time has been spent “burying myself” in painting rather than decorating... so before we leave for the mountains, Welcome to My New Studio - The Taj!

Would really appreciate comments and especially suggestions!  We will landscape, install shelving, and hang more paintings when we return in the fall.