Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yea – I’m back at the easel in the mountain studio in Maggie Valley, NC. ! The move is always a bit overwhelming – closing Florida with hurricane shutters and tying all the loose ends! Upon arrival here, there’s family and friends to visit and lots to do in the house and yard…takes a while but we are settled in! Presently surrounded by four "starts" in various stages of completion, I'm enjoying my space!

 A few years ago, the initial inspiration for LITTLE MISS SPRING came from a drawing in my sketchbook - age and source unknown - and a little wicker doll carriage belonging to our daughter in law. Inspiration to now finally finish the painting came with finding a pretty frame and the need for a piece this size for the guest room. 

Grand niece Darian (you've met her before) must have been about three at the time, posed for me while helping her Granna bake a cake. Wearing only Strawberry Shortcake panties (Granna believes in damage control), she stood on a chair bending over the bowl of batter waving a dripping wooden spoon! I did not have her likeness from the beginning and, since this wasn't a portrait of her, didn't strive for it. Maybe this fantasy on canvas is finally finished - am going to look at it for a few days to be sure - and then it's on the wall!

 24" X 30" Oil on canvas glued to masonite