Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little Joe

Detail Gouache on gessoed WC Paper

I sat down a little while ago to drool over the new Springmaid Beach Watermedia brochure for the Fall '09 Workshop. Someday....I wistfully tell myself...Someday I will make it to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the fall for Springmaid! Five paint and paint and paint!

Carla O'Connor A.W.S.-D.F., N.W.S. ( is one of the instructors again this fall. A few years ago I did take her workshop here in Florida. Was wonderful. She's a crazy lady! Lots of fun but serious about art! I just looked through some pieces ...mostly unfinished ...from that workshop. Today I am posting "Little Joe". This is gouache on dry gessoed 140 lb Arches paper. I absolutely love the hair and beard! As I recall, working from one of our own photos, we were given 15 minutes for this exercise...and then it was on to the next one! No time to fiddle and piddle...Carla's compositions are based on the figure stressing a strong bold design using the human figure for inspiration.

Carla is only one of a number of award winning artists participating. The drawback for me is that it's strictly "watermedia" no oil...however, maybe I can deal with that since acrylics are often my medium of choice anyway... so....Someday...


  1. Hi Rosemary, Your work is amazing, I have enjoyed looking around your blog. I'll visit again and thank you for finding me. :)

  2. Hi Barb, Thanks for visiting and for your kind words! Keep painting those precious children's portraits!

  3. Love the light and color in this one. Particularly the blue glow on the instrument. And the hair! wow. well done.
    I would think acrylics would be ok, right? Aren't they accepted in watermedia competitions these days.

  4. Wow, Liz! Thanks! Yes, acrylics are ok at the workshop, and are accepted in watermedia competitions so long as paper is used rather than canvas or hardboards. There may be exceptions for the supports other than paper, but I'm not aware of them.