Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Detail - oil on canvas 30 x 24

Travel time! Time to leave Florida for the mountains of Western North Carolina where we will stay through the fall. It's such a hassle getting packed and ready to go with the installation of the hurricane shutters being the last step! Art supplies are packed so I am not painting. The home studio in Maggie Valley is as well equipped as this one...but still, there are some tools I simply can't do without and don't have in duplicate, i.e, mat cutter, French easel, etc. There is room for these things in the motorcycle trailer...but Heaven forbid they get too close to the Harley!!

The next few postings will be old pieces that were really fun to create or that are simply dear to me. As you know by now, I paint the family! Daughter Stephanie sat for this oil sketch a while ago! She has it in her home or I would take a better photo today for posting! It's time to paint her again and to paint our son-in-law Bruce for the first time!


  1. rosemary had to come find you after your nice comment on my blog.. now i'm even further honored after seeing your work!!! outstanding.. i'll sign in as a follower, if thats ok and add your blog to my blog roll.. love the portrait.. i've been trying them too and find them so exciting, when the turn out.. this one is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Cindi! I appreciate your nice comments and am delighted that you signed on! I am going to follow you too! Good luck with your portraits.