Sunday, August 29, 2010

wip - Starlin and Skylar

10" x 8" oil on canvas

The completed photos and scans of this recently delivered painting are deeply buried in the hard drive of my crashed computer. This one was taken nearing completion - probably about 80 percent. I am so pleased with the finished painting and with the client's positive reaction to it!

Wispy hairs blowing across starlin's face were added at the end and not in this photo. More work was done on precious Baby Skylar's face and the skin tones of both color corrected, blended and softened.

This pose was so unusual making it a thrill and challenge to try and capture the sweet gentle face of this beautiful new mother with her tattoo and piercings in a mysterious woodsy setting! I love being an artist!

The dead computer is going to Florida where a tech-y friend can hopefully retrieve the data from the hard drive and I will post a photo of the finished painting this winter.

Wouldn't a large variation of this portrait make a great competition piece? I may request permission to paint it larger for myself!


  1. I too love that woodsy background, Rosemary. And you know what else? I am amazed that I can see a resemblance between mom and daughter, a bit of insight into what Skylar will look like in a few years. A wondrously beautiful piece!

  2. I know you say it's not the complete piece, but it is really beautiful Rosemary! It's no wonder the new owner loves it. Computer crashes, the scourge of our modern techno age!

  3. Beautiful work Rosemary , great skin tones as usual. Love the tots stockings , they look very cute

  4. Wow, Sherry! Thank you so much! I'm so happy you can see a resemblance between the two and that you like the painting! I think this will be one of my all time favorite pieces.

  5. Thanks Liz - I really appreciate your comments and glad you like this painting! Am up and running with this new machine but still miss the old one!

  6. Thanks Rishi - I always appreciate your comments.