Monday, January 16, 2017


                                   6" X 6" Oil on Canvas

Day Sixteen - 30 in 30 Challenge

Florida designated the orange as the official state fruit in 2005.  Orange juice is the state beverage, and the orange blossom is Florida's state flower.  Many of us have citrus trees in our yard and a fresh orange, grapefruit or lemon is just a few steps away from the door.

So, can't have a Florida theme without painting oranges!  I started with acrylic and once the canvas was covered, switched to oil.  Will tweak after it has some drying time.

I am now going to eat this poor orange - it has been a patient model today!


  1. Nice contrast to a subject that is very familiar - but you give it a new "twist"

  2. Thank you, Marty! Trying new ideas, colors and techniques...some work...some call for another day!