Monday, January 2, 2017


12" x 6" Oil on Canvas
30 in 30 Challenge - Day 2

Was in the studio and painting by 8:30 this morning!  See, this challenge is already proving good for me!  

Yesterday after stopping work (notice I didn’t say “finishing”) on LATE DAY FISHING, I continued with the same palette and background preparing for today piece.  The tall palm is basically a repeat of yesterday’s to create a frame for today’s attempt.  Having no idea what would happen - but knowing there would be time to start over, I took a deep breath and squeezed a line of burnt umber where hopefully a cabbage palm would grow.  Trying to keep it narrow, I spread the  thick paint with a  palette knife - and then - taking another deep breath, picked up a watercolor brush with the angled handle.  It’s fascinating watching watercolor artists use the handle to create  texture, veins in leaves, etc.  Time to give it a try! So scrape away I did!!  It worked!  Kinda!  For the fronds the brush handle was again used as was a flat sharp-edge brush.

This was actually fun - and I am eager to try the same technique again!  Maybe with thicker paint and more variation in the color…

For me this challenge is about trying  ideas and subjects which have been on the back burner a long time. Tomorrow will stay  with the same palette/background and will try for an alligator!  

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