Sunday, January 1, 2017


             Late Day Fishing (study) 16" x 20" - Oil on Canvas

Confession time - I’ve lost my mind - crazy - wacky - what was I thinking?  Have signed on for Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 Challenge Oh My Goodness!

Will go on record here as having always wanted my posts to the blog to be the best I can do. Pieces I’m proud to share.  Not for this challenge!  These will be whatever is finished in the day’s allotted time! I may include the word “study” indicating it could get more attention later or, if it’s working, maybe will do  a larger piece.  

Actually I’m excited!  My theme for these 30 paintings is BEAUTIFUL BOUNTIFUL FLORIDA - covers lots of territory, right?  Well - no snow or mountains - but a plethora of subject matter without wandering far from home.

My reasons for committing to this challenge are (1) paint every day (2) try and paint faster - I am the slowest painter in the state of Florida!  (3) boldly push color (4) concentrate more on edges (5) make every brush stroke expressive (6) have fun!  

Today’s painting came from looking through old sketchbooks. This piece was designed for a paint-along class I taught a number of years ago!  So, yes - I had painted it before but had no doubt sold, given away or painted over whatever was done with the class!  So - thought this would go fast - Wrong!   Lesson learned today? - paint smaller tomorrow!!  

Oh, I am so out of my comfort zone!

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