Monday, March 23, 2009


Sketch 1 - Thinking about a breakfast theme
Sketch 2 - Grab the tea kettle - make the glass pitcher interesting
Sketch 3 - Add a cup (a separate scrap of tracing paper)
Sketch 4 - Use pears instead of apples

Usually it's just so much easier and faster to use the digital camera and Photoshop Elements to do "sketching". However, sometimes I simply want to play around with a pencil on tracing paper or a stick of graphite on a large newsprint pad to get the "feel" of what might or might not make a good painting. I'm crazy about this little copper kettle and am forever trying to work it into a set up. Here are some recent sketch ideas. First starting with a theme and letting it lead, then in a review of the work, asking myself: "Would I want the pitcher AND the tea kettle?" Probably not. "The cup AND the glass?" Probably not...Will I ever paint this set up? Probably not...but the exercises were easy and fun and got the creative juices flowing.

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