Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretty Jade - Waiting to play ball

Last night Jade graduated from her Basic Obedience Class! She was promoted to the "Canine Good Citizen Class" which will begin in two weeks! It has been almost four months since she came to live with us! She is an amazing dog! It's still a mystery why and how a family could have given her up. The shelter told us it was because they lost their jobs and home. I could go on and on about how sweet, smart and obedient she is! We adore her! The only thing we might change would be her tendency to be so vocal. She barks when she wants something and when she's excited, and her bark is loud! She carries a toy around with her most of the time which we think is so cute. Our male German Shepherds usually carried tennis balls or dirty pieces of rawhide! In this photo she is waiting for her "daddy" to play with her. About ten days ago we sent a DNA sample for testing to find out exactly what makes up her pedigree. She is a Belgian Tervuren Shepherd...but may be a mix. We will know soon! There is still some question as to her age, somewhere between three and five years old.

Am going to take a short break from painting people. This afternoon we are going to a nature park to walk the trails and take some photos. Roger Bansemer has inspired me to paint another Florida landscape. It's beautiful sunny day here ...78 degrees with a slight breeze. Just can't stay inside! Will paint tonight!


  1. She looks like a sweetie, and good for you for giving her a loving home! One of my shelter pup barks loudly, too. If you learn any tips, let me know!

  2. Thanks Liz! I really enjoyed visiting your blog and reading about the pets in your life! Your art is wonderful!