Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quiet Time

Acrylic on Canvas 14" x 18"

A few days ago we went to "dog-friendly" Hathaway Nature Park on Shell Creek in Punta Gorda. Watching Roger Bansemer's on line recordings of his lovely Florida "shorescapes" had greatly inspired me to paint palms and water! Roger's negative painting of "sky holes" is fascinating...but...not quite as easy as he makes it appear. There is a link to his website below.

No sooner had we arrived and walked out on one of the docks than we heard a splash. A quick glance told us an alligator had just slipped into the water across the creek and was swimming toward us. Could have been attracted to Jade since they find cats and small dogs tasty treats...but... Jade is 89 pounds! Anyway, we watched it approach and then move on before we started exploring the paths. The mosquitoes are not buzzing yet but the sun was pretty hot in the early afternoon. Here are a few of the reference photos for "Quiet Time". I thoroughly enjoyed this painting and appreciate the critiques of Irene, Ileane and Zena!

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