Thursday, March 12, 2009

Art Critique Group

The second Wednesday of each month our Art Critique Group meets. This group is made up of award winning serious artists. We share information, books, magazines, gallery news, etc. Each artist takes up to three pieces finished or in progress for sincere evaluation. I'm always amazed at how hard we work and how dedicated we are! My three pieces yesterday included two painted from a still life set up outside in the sun, one using a cool palette and one a warm one. These are not quite ready to post but will try and finish both by the end of the week. My third was a fast portrait of Grandson Eddie from a photograph taken in January. Today calls for a trip to Home Depot for full spectrum florescent light bulbs, 100 watt...the spirals...that screw into the socket...not tubes. Trying to get better lighting in the studio for painting at night.

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