Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lisa Gloria Virtual Workshop- Day One

Saturday at noon the first session of the experimental on line workshop began. http://artstudiosecrets.com/2009/03/20/virtual-workshop-experiment/
Lisa is a fabulous artist and a great instructor. She pre-mixes all the colors on the palette. Not my usual way so thought it would be interesting to try her method. Oh, it was! Interesting yes...easy NO! All participants had been sent a photo and a transparency. Five colors were used plus Flake white and Ivory black The mixing was a struggle since we were trying to closely match selected color areas of the photo, background, apple skin, flesh, etc. with five values. Then the freehand drawing and the wash, followed by the first layers of color using a drying additive. After approximately 3-1/2 hours the session ended and we were asked to email a photo of the days work to Lisa for a critique, and let the painting dry overnight to resume again Sunday. Critique notes: I had gone too far for the first day, edges were too hard, but otherwise was off to a good start.

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