Monday, July 20, 2009

Composition in a Nutshell

Collage and print transfer (detail)

"Arrange dominate shapes, tones, lines, colors, texture, size and
direction of an interesting, well balanced pattern that will lead the eye
through the painting from the off-centered, well placed focal point. Gradate,
repeat and vary the elements as well as within the elements. Use a little
contrast of elements especially at the focal point and the result will be
unity and harmony." Author unknown (to me)

The paragraph above is framed and hanging in my studio along with the "Art is long" painting. Funny how often I glance up to critique work in progress via these pointers. "Art is long" reminds me to use the best available materials assuming the work is going to last over time.

The painting is acrylic, tissue paper collage and a print transfer using
Elmer's Squeeze 'N Caulk on a mat board support.


  1. wow!!! what beautiful colors,rosemary!! i opened my blog and you were at the top and here i am..speedy gonzales. i love the colors and the elements thruout.. i think you have yourself another winner!!!

  2. Oh Cindi...thank you! This is a small piece but fun. If something isn't working for me, it's bring out the tissue paper! I see you have a wonderful entry for the DSFDF challenge. I'm going to your blog right now to check it out!

  3. Rosemary Thanks for posting "Composition in a Nutshell"! Your painting is very colorful. Great job!

  4. Thank you Silvia!! Glad you visited my blog. Come back often!