Saturday, July 24, 2010

Win or Lose

20" x 12" oil sketch on canvas

When our performing arts theater, HART, presented GUYS AND DOLLS local artists were invited to enter paintings incorporating this theme to display in the lobby for the duration of the show. What fun! I did a number of small oil sketches toward working out a composition for a 30" x 24" oil painting. The mat area in this piece is painted.

Currently working on portrait commissions, I'm not at liberty to show the works in progress... so will show you these small pieces and then the completed painting which was my entry for the show.


  1. Oh my gosh, Rosemary! This is my absolute of all your pieces that I've seen thus far! Not sure why...but those dice outside of the frame are fabulous! My high school did a fabulous production of Guys & Dolls way back when and this reminds me of that time. It also reminds me of Frank Sinatra - for some odd reason - and days of old. When macho wasn't a word but an aura that was hard to miss...This painting has it in spades for me. Truly a magnificent piece!

  2. This painting is wonderful. It has something of an abstract quality and stays in the mind. So glad you painted for HART. Way to go. I love all your other new pieces too. Silvia

  3. Sherry, Wow! Thank you sooo much! Actually I think these little sketches worked better than the painting (poster) as a whole - but was all fun. Wish we had been asked to paint for CHICAGO - wouldn't that have been a hoot!