Monday, January 30, 2017


                                   10" x 8" Oil on Canvas

Day THIRTY - 30 in 30 Challenge

This really is a red letter day for me!  I did it!!  Went to the studio every day for 30 days and finished (or nearly finished) a painting!  The slowest painter in the state of Florida certainly sped up!  This has been fun and at times stressful, but when I look around me at the paintings, I'm smiling!  Thanks to Leslie Saeta for once again hosting this challenge.  Over 1,000 artists signed on  all over the world, and it will be interesting to see how many made it to the end!  Leslie painted very large  beautiful abstract pieces  every day and  If you haven't checked out her paintings and  that of the  others participating in the challenge, please do so!  This is where our paintings have been posted at the end of every day.

Day 30 has another meaning for me.  Our wedding anniversary is  April 30 - so  "Day 30" is certainly a RED LETTER DAY. 

 My sincere thanks to all of you who took time to read my musings on the blog each day and often left comments on the blog and on Face book.  I appreciate all of you so very much.  Beginning tomorrow, I shall have time to visit your blogs and see what each of you are posting.


  1. And a great painting it is Rosemary!!!!! I love how you painted the brushes...wonderful work!!!! Congratulations on the challenge!!!!

    1. Oh, Hilda, thanks so much! I didn't feel the brushes look "finished" and if it were not for the one day push, would have probably gone on and taken them too far! After your comment, I shall leave the brushes alone! Thanks again!

  2. Loved the pun, and enjoyed a really talented piece of painting

  3. Thanks, John, you made me smile! Really appreciate your stopping by with such a nice comment.
    I went to your new blog - and I'm blown away! Got to go back and spend some time - How impressive that you not only paint and draw trains and boats - but you are building a "real boat"! Wow!