Monday, May 15, 2017

Anniversary Frank

                                                              18" x 14" Oil on Panel

Last week Frank and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary!  I am so blessed sharing my life with this wonderful man!  Every day is an adventure and how the days fly by!

During our first year as husband and wife he posed for me as I created a quick portrait sketch for an art class.  Recently I ran across a photo from that session.  Not a good photo (actually it wasn’t a very good sketch then either)!  The picture was taken with an old film camera and a flash!  Oh well, why not use that reference for a new painting to celebrate the 34th!  We are both enjoying this painting and the memories.  He was wearing the bandana head band to tame his hair following a motorcycle ride.  


  1. Such a nice post :) congratulations

  2. Thanks John! Some paintings are simply fun - this is one of them! I appreciate your stopping by.

  3. First of all ....Congratulations Rosemary on 34 years of marriage!!!!! This portrait is amazing and I truly hope you paint more portraits....very handsome man!!!!

  4. Thank you, Hilda! Your compliments mean the world since you are a portrait artist I so very much admire!! Yeah - Frank is still handsome!