Saturday, January 21, 2017


                               5" x 5" Oil on Canvas Board

Day Twenty-one - 30 in 30 Challenge
After allowing myself to become  so intimidated by yesterday's "big cat",  I decided  today's choice would be less stressful.  I  would use a smaller canvas and larger brushes and move away from the beach and palm trees!

Last week we dropped off a donation at the local animal welfare league and I just had to spend a few minutes enjoying the cats on the Kitty Porch.  That was all the inspiration needed to plan a few cat paintings.  I have many photos on file since I'm constantly shooting pics with my phone.

Not sure if this kitty is realistic or whimsical but he  makes me smile!  


  1. A very sweet portrait of this kitten. I love how the light is hitting him and how you can feel the softness of his fur and the gleem in the eyes... Wonderful work Rosemary..

    1. Thank you, Hilda - was so much fun painting that one, may paint another one for today's post! Really appreciate your comments!