Sunday, January 22, 2017


                              5" x 5" Oil on Canvas board

Day Twenty-Two - 30 in 30 Challenge
Yesterday's painting was relaxing and went much faster than so many of the all-day previous ones.   So - couldn't resist one more cat!  Thought a white one would be more challenging while offering   opportunities  to play with subtle colors and tones.  Went really fast - three hours tops!  (Remember, I'm the slowest painter in Florida!)

 Grumbacher MG Underpainting Titanium White oil paint,  fast drying and  opaque, was  introduced to me by Johannes Vloothuis via his on-line workshops (Northlight).   It has proven invaluable for painting backgrounds the day or night before for this daily challenge.  While acrylic underpaintings speed up the process, with this fast drying alternative I can stay with oil.

So far as keeping with my theme,  there are lots and lots of cats in Florida!


  1. This is wonderful Rosemary! A great subject. My sister in law has a beautiful cat and I'd like to paint her someday... I love the reflections in your cat's eyes and the awesome texture. Nice work!!

    1. Hilda, thanks so much! You will enjoy painting your sister-in-law's cat. For the longest time, every cat I painted looked angry, so I suppose it's mostly about the eyes. Will be looking forward to seeing your kitty portrait!

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