Monday, January 23, 2017


                               7" x 5" Oil on Wood Panel

Day 23- 30 in 30 Challenge
The Great Blue Heron  is a majestic sight whether cruising the coastline with slow wing beats or standing motionless scanning for prey.  Sometimes it  will wade belly deep making long, deliberate steps.  When in flight, the heron tucks in its neck and the long legs trail out behind.  A beautiful bird to behold and fortunately here in South Florida there is no shortage of them.

This bird was a joy to paint in 2014 - as a 36" x 24" oil.  SILENT SENTINEL was then shown and sold immediately which was bittersweet.  It's posted on the blog dated March 18, 2014.    One of my all time favorite paintings.  This is a small reproduction with a changed background and few details.  There is no question, the larger version was more fun to paint (and took weeks)  but I'm getting more confident with these little brushes and this one took only one day!


  1. Beautifully painted, Rosemary. They stand so tall. I remember when one of these Herons was standing motionless by my pond which had at the time 7 koi' first I thought my husband bought a statue...then it moved!!!! Lol. He never took any fish.
    I love how you painted the tree in back of the heron..nice work!!!

    1. Thank you, Hilda! Yes, they are tall and so graceful. Love hearing that your bird never took the fish! Can't wait to paint large again and I'm in the mood to do another bird - maybe a flamingo? Your comments are so nice!

  2. Bonjour,

    Cette peinture est un très bel hommage à cet oiseau que je trouve magnifique. Très jolies nuances de couleurs.

    Gros bisous 🌺


  3. Cet oiseau gracieux est un de mes favoris, aussi. Merci de votre attention et de vos commentaires!