Tuesday, January 24, 2017


                                   6" x 6" Oil on Canvas

Day Twenty-Four, 30 in 30 Challenge

Hibiscus flowers are grown for their showy flowers and used as landscape shrubs where they attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.  These  hardy perennials bloom throughout the year in a variety of colors.   This lovely flower is traditionally worn by Tahitian and Hawaiian girls.  If worn behind the left ear the woman is married or in a relationship.  If the flower is worn on the right, she is single or openly available for a relationship.  The hibiscus is Hawaii's state flower, and is the national flower of Haiti.

I doubt there is a single home in our neighborhood without at least one hibiscus shrub  or mini-tree somewhere on their lawn or in their lanai.

This red subject was chosen as a personal challenge as reds are difficult hues for me.  I would have liked the mid tones to have been brighter and the highlights lighter, but for a one day project, I'm satisfied.


  1. Bonjour,

    Elle charme cette belle fleur d'hibiscus ! Vos rouges sont somptueux.
    Gros bisous 🌸

    1. Merci, Martine! J'apprécie tes gentilles paroles. C'était amusant de peindre cette fleur familière!