Wednesday, January 18, 2017


                                12" x 8" Oil on Canvas

Day Eighteen - 30 in 30 Challenge
The deepest marsh habitats within the Everglades are freshwater sloughs (pronounced SLOOs). Slough waters support many fish and aquatic invertebrates making them important watercourses in South Florida.

The Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest  near Felda features native wildlife, hiking & biking trails, campsites & many fishing areas.  This makes for a perfect adventure to observe nature and take lots and lots of reference photos.  Don't forget to take along a sketchbook!

Today I enjoyed the luxury of uninterrupted hours in the studio so took advantage using  a larger canvas.  This was started before as a 12" x  12" and just wasn't working.  So - Cropped and feel it's a better fit.  I work on loose canvas taped to hardboard so cropping isn't a big deal.  The canvas is glued to a hardboard support after it's dry.    The next two days will be shorter ones - so back to 6" x 6".

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