Thursday, January 19, 2017


                                    6" x 6" Oil on Canvas

Day Nineteen - 30 in 30 Challenge

When we think of Florida, images of blue ocean, white sand, and swaying palm trees come to mind.  Our warm tropical climate makes it one of the best places in the world for growing palm trees.  The selection of palms one can use in landscaping is almost unlimited with about 2500 species from which to choose.  Our state tree is the sabal palm (Sabal palmetto)  commonly referred to as cabbage palm.  If you live in Florida, you have enjoyed "swamp cabbage" but that's another subject for another painting and blog post.

For artists the trunks and  fronds are never ending sources for paintings - in different lighting conditions, colors change with the brown  fronds picking up hot oranges and soft magentas.  Greens vary from blue greens to yellow greens, and purples and lavenders are always there in shadows.   Trunk textures and colors vary greatly.

Today was a short studio day  and the perfect chance to study yet another palm.


  1. I love this Palm that you painted Rosemary! It looks very realistic and yet! Somehow I missed your previous painting of the Okaloacoochee Slough State Forrest.. I love the colors and beautiful scenery. I visited my parents in Orlando almost every year but when they passed away I never had the desire to go back...however, I always wanted to visit the Everglades so I'm putting that on my bucket list... Who knows, maybe I'll meet up with you and finally meet you!!! Again beautiful paintings and I look forward to seeing your next piece.

  2. Thanks, Hilda! Your wonderful comments are so appreciated! I'm happy you know "Florida" and glad you don't judge by Orlando only! I'm confident you will make it to the Everglades! Would be so super to meet you. We seem to be "like minded" on many subjects, our favorite being art! Hugs!