Thursday, January 12, 2017


                                   7" X 5" Oil on Canvas

Day Twelve - 30 in 30 Challenge

I suppose cats don't fear water - I know they are good swimmers but most don't like being in water.

Our neighbor's cat may not want to get into the water but he really enjoys his morning walks along our seawall and doesn't hesitate to sit and watch if there's activity in the canal.   Thus the inspiration for MULLET WATCHER.

Since mullet are found throughout the state in coastal rivers, tidal creeks, bays, estuaries and along sandy beaches,  Floridians are familiar with them.  They swim in large schools and are frequent jumpers.  Why do they jump?  While the jury is still out, there are a number of theories .  I'm just happy they leap because it drives our northern visitors crazy and they can't grab a pole fast enough!

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